African migrant impregnate a woman and her three daughters then flees

A 23-year-old African migrant fled after having impregnated a mother and three daughters in the city of Paris. The 23-year-old migrant from Senegal said he wanted revenge on his boss for the poor working conditions he was subjected to.

The mother and three daughters discovered that they were all pregnant when they showed up for their regular checkup. the family doctor was shocked to find that even the last daughter in the house, aged 15, was also pregnant.

When they discovered that the migrant was responsible for their pregnancy, he was nowhere to be found. The husband filed a rape complaint on his wife and three daughters and the migrant is wanted. The husband told police that the fleeing migrant stole 2,000 euros and took his gold chain.

The mother and her three daughters decided to continue the pregnancy, while the migrant is actively wanted by the police. The husband also filed for divorce.

The migrant reportedly ran back to his country and the father decided to hide the case from the media and public as it a shame for the family.