Expelled, He explains why you should never get married in the USA

United States 🇺🇸 : Here is a territory where your own African sister whom you have taken home can involve you in all kinds of problems. You can come across a good, really innocent girl. But once she arrives in Uncle SAM’s country, she can undergo a deep brainwashing. It happens in hairdressing salons run by African women.

They are in droves and offer to tell everything to the new wives who land there for the first time. Nothing is left out. Everything is combed through. Generally what is said is how to explore the benefits of the United States Women’s Act financially. There in terms of rights for vulnerable people is the child, the woman, the elderly and finally, in fourth place, the man.

Thus we find several women with three or four children or more, but all of different fathers. To what end? It is precisely for money because each dad will be taken up to 50% of the salary which will be paid to the mother until the child is eighteen years old. We see women driving a carriage, spending their time looking good without working at all.

A man had an affair with an American woman via the internet. Things went so fast. She traveled to Africa and the wedding was organized. A few months later the man went to America. Arrived, he noted that the lady in question is already the mother of four children of different fathers.

For almost a year they lived without major problems and the lady in question provided for the daily needs of the family. At the moment the man was not working. But when he got his very first high-paying job, she filed for divorce and told him to get out of her house.

In these conditions, even if childless with your ex wife, the American law supports tooth and nail that the children, not being yours, benefited from your financial support and therefore in your absence nothing should be interrupted. Her salary was therefore taken at more than 60% and paid to their mother until the children reached the age of 18.

You’ve been living in the USA for years, your job allows you to buy a house, but the one you married may kindly ask you to leave the house. Often in the middle of winter. You will have no choice but to obey it or the police will force you to do so. If a woman no longer wants you, you can only submit to it.

In the United States it is very easy for a woman to reduce a man’s life to nothing. You are therefore blessed if you choose the right wife. In most cases, she is the one who has the fear of God. But if you were unlucky enough to marry one because you seem so beautiful with its curves and breathtaking curves, you run the risk of biting your fingers tomorrow.