Mom recruited men online to rape her 12-year-old daughter.

Some mothers could be heartless and mean. A mother has appeared in Châteauroux Criminal Court in France for recruiting a man to cause her 12-year-old daughter to lose her v!rginity.

Last February, she selected a series of “suitors” on the internet and invited them to a party at the family home. Then she asked her daughter to name her favorite. The teenager has chosen a young man of 20, from Cholet (Maine-et-Loire).

That night, the latter slept in the girl’s same bed and touched her. “We had a good feeling. I was gradually initiating it, ”the young man explained to the audience. The mother and her recruit were sentenced to three years in prison.

A relative to the woman said the sentence was too small for the crime and that the woman was to be given a minimum prison sentence of 10 years. What is the world turning into that a mother cannot protect her child ?