NASA is hiring priests to prepare humans for contact with aliens

The National Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA) is enlisting help of 24 theologians as part of its efforts to determine how different religions around the world would react to contact with aliens, reported Technotrendz. A reverend is already working with NASA.

Rev Dr Andrew Davison, a British priest and theologist at Cambridge University has a degree in Biochemistry. Next year, he is releasing his book on the subject. In his book he is going to raise questions that ask how will discovery of life affect beliefs of religious people across the world.

Search for alien life has been a matter of fascination for humankind for centuries. As tools of modern science became more and more available, scientists have cast an informed gaze at the universe in search of alien life. 

There are several candidates in our solar system itself. Scientists think that Europa, the icy moon of planet Jupiter has liquid oceans under its surface that may support life. Scientists also think that microbes exist in clouds of Venus.

Humanity is soon to get fresh ‘eyes’ in the sky. James Webb space telescope was launched on December 26. This will be humanity’s main space telescope over the ageing Hubble space telescope. We will soon be able to see corners of universe that were unobservable to us before this. Will we find an alien spaceship flying in deep space? Time will soon tell.