“A Man Saved Me From Drowning, But Now I Am Suing Him Because He Touched Me”

A teenage girl is suing a man who rescued her from drowning in a lake because apparently the man touched her while trying to save her. She explained what happened in the video below and hopes her savior will be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Watch the video below and give us your opinion on the incident

She said, “A few weeks ago, I almost drowned. I was at the lake having my first swim of the summer. I jump inside the lake and apparently I hit my head on something and I was left unconscious ”

“I woke up lying on my back with a whole bunch of people around me and there was this weird 40-year-old guy pressing on my chest. At first I had no idea what was going on but then the man who resuscitated me told me that I had been underwater for almost 2 minutes ”she says.

“He said he was lucky enough to catch me underwater. a small part of me was happy to be alive but the rest of me was screaming inside. I can’t believe he just felt like he had the right to grab me underwater when I was unconscious. I couldn’t agree ”

“He thought it was perfectly normal to just grab my body and pull me in the direction he wanted. he owned my body and he grabbed my waist and pulled me like it was his right and he wanted to sleep with me in the water. “He raped me”