An Italian billionaire marries a poor Burundian and she instantly becomes a millionaire

An Italian billionaire marries a poor Burundian and she instantly becomes a millionaire

Life is full of surprises. Azama Darifa, a poor Burundian, could never dream of becoming a millionaire, but as they say, life is full of surprises.

The 22-year-old girl fell in love with a man she met online. At first, she never imagined he was a billionaire businessman. the Burundian girl who could barely feed three times a day became the family bread basket

After spending more than 6 months chatting with the wealthy Italian businessman, he finally came to Africa to meet his girlfriend. once they met, the Italian couldn’t get over it because she was more beautiful than in her photos.

he stayed a week in the country and promised to return without giving the young woman a single cent. While in Burundi, he behaved poor and ridiculous in front of the girl without showing her that he was a billionaire.

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The girl told us that her friends had previously advised her to leave the man and look for someone else who could give him money and change his family, but she refused. My love for Roberto Zanetti was total and I knew he was the man for me, said the girl.

Upon his return, the businessman revealed who he was to the girl. he said he was scammed several times and wanted to see his sweetheart in person before taking a step forward. Upon his return to the country, he bought a beautiful Range Rover car evocative of his new love, rented a nice apartment in a luxurious neighborhood for his queen and gave her enough money to take care of herself.

he stayed for a month in the country and it was last week that the two were married in the tradition of the young woman. the billionaire businessman has already returned to his country and said his wife would stay in Burundi to complete his studies before joining him in his mansion in Rome

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