Another alien dies in secret NASA detention center

We have received information from someone claiming to work for NASA and who asked to remain anonymous that another alien has died after being detained for over 15 years.

The man in his letter to our eidtors said the alien died yesterday morning at 5 a.m. after suffering from what appeared to be a cough and a runny nose.

The man we’ll call Peters said this was not the first time an alien has died in a secret NASA detention center. He claim that 6 years ago another alien died of similar conditions and that NASA experts are doing nothing to save their lives.

Peters reveals in his letter that more than 28 aliens are currently being detained in this secret detention facilities as NASA scientists are constantly perform tests and conducting various experiments on their bodies.

He said in his long letter that NASA scientist are studying their body primarily to understand how they travelled and overcome cosmic radiations, their internal organs such as their brains and their communications techniques

Peters says the deceased alien’s name was Anna and that her body will be broken down through chemical reactions so that no trace of the body is visible.

He concluded in his letter that he would come with photos and videos of what he was able to collect during all the years he worked in this secret detention center for foreigners.

Note that we could not independently verify this information so stay tuned for any updates on this.

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