Bride Gets divorce in Three minutes of her marriage after the groom called her ‘stupid’

You might have watched several video clips which show the couples slapping each other right at their marriage ceremony. You may think their marriage would be the shortest marriage of history.

But none of those couples (in viral videos) ended up into an instant divorce, to make their relationship “the shortest marriage of the history.”

There was a marriage in Kuwait which lasted only three minutes and ended up in divorce on a minor issue. The marriage ceremony However, was not recorded on camera so it could go viral.

According to a Kuwaiti News outlet, A couple got a divorce just three minutes after being declared husband and wife. The reason behind their divorce was the ‘insult‘ the bride recieved from her groom while walking out of the magistrate office.

On January 2019, The said couple was walking out of the magistrate’s office after completing their legal proceedings. Meanwhile, the bride fell down on the floor because het foot stumbled.

Rather than giving a helping hand, the groom called the bride “Stupid“. It made her so much angry that she instantly turned back to the magistrate and demanded him to annulled her marriage.

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The magistrate compiled her demand and their marriage was annulled at the same time. It’s believed to be the shortest marriage in Kuwait’s history, and the couple didn’t even make it out of the courthouse as husband and wife.