what girls do with two cubes of sugar inside the bathroom

what girls do with two cubes of sugar inside the bathroom

Have you ever kissed a woman and felt a sweet taste on your lips? Have you ever been there and wondered if she puts sugar in it? does her body taste sweet? if so, then the girl uses 2 sugar cubes in the bathroom and we’ll tell you why.

Girls have a lot of things going on in their bodies and in the bathroom that you just can’t imagine. Today we’re talking about two sugar cubes inside the bathroom. You might be curious what girls do with sugar, read this to the end and we’ll reveal it to you.

While you use sugar in your cup of tea for your morning breakfast, some use sugar to drink tapioca, others use sugar to cook stuffings, some women use it for different purposes.

Sugar is a sweet tasting class of carbohydrates. It is also a quick and easy fuel for the body to use. Some types of sugar are lactose, glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Sugar is used in many natural remedies. It gives a sweet taste to food.

More and more girls believe that the sugar in bathwater is good luck and attraction for rich men. Girls use two sugar cubes in the bathroom for bathing and washing their private part. We can’t say where this trend came from, but it is gaining popularity in sub-Saharan Africa as more and more young girls believe in its magical powers.

Brenda, a 22-year-old girl, told us that her older sister was the one who revealed to her the magical powers of 2 sugar cubes in bathing water. She says that at first she used to be rejected by men but since she started bathing with 2 sugar cubes in her water only rich men come to meet her and says it seems the sweet taste of her body has attractive powers.

Brenda says that every time she goes out she puts two sugar cubes in her bath water, first washing her private part with water, then her face before washing her whole body. She claims that all of her friends who she taught them this trick are all dating and some married to wealthy men.

Neola, on the other hand, claims that in addition to using the two sugar cubes in the bathroom for bathing, she also mixed 1 sugar cube with a teaspoon of honey in a few drops of lukewarm water and rub her face with the mixture. She says this mixture brightens your face and removes dark spots.

While some black girls in the USA are already doing this trick , it become complicated to find true and genuine love in a woman. We shall be revealing what black american girls take from africa to charm rich white men. Stay tune and follow us on Facebook

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