Two-Year-Old Girl Raped While In A Coronavirus Isolation Ward

In a sickening attack, a two-year-old was allegedly raped while the toddler was in a Coronavirus isolation ward at a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. The assault took place at the Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Pretoria, News24 reports.

Police and the hospital authorities are currently investigating the matter to verify the claims made by the baby’s aunt. The aunt, who hasn’t been named to protect the child’s identity, said that the girl was admitted to the hospital after she developed symptoms of the virus. After checking the symptoms, doctors at the hospital told the mother that her baby needed to be put in an isolation ward. The mother went home briefly before being contacted by the hospital in the evening to let her know that the baby was crying constantly and appeared to be in pain. 

As the baby had difficulty breathing, nurses at the clinic asked for the baby to be taken to the George Mukhari Hospital to be tested for the virus. It was later in the day that the family received the call from the facility. “The hospital called in the evening and told the mother that the child was crying and in pain.

They later called around 11 pm and said the child was now sleeping,” the aunt said. “The hospital staff called again in the morning and told my sister to come and pick up her child because she had been discharged. The hospital said the child had tested negative for Covid-19.”

When the baby was taken back home, they noticed she appeared to have trouble walking. The aunt said: “I saw that there was something wrong with the child. As the mother was changing the nappy, she discovered some white fluid on her private parts.” The aunt continued, “She initially thought it was medication as the child had been in hospital. But the following day, that same whitish fluid was still coming out.” 

As the mother inspected carefully, she reportedly found that there had been a penetrat0n, the aunt told local outlets. The furious mother took the baby back to the hospital and a nurse confirmed her suspicion that there was an indication that the child was indeed raped.

Brigadier Mathapelo Peters, spokesperson for the provincial police spoke to News24 and said a case has now been opened and the department is currently conducting an investigation. The hospital is also investigating the matter on its own.

In another child sxual assault case, this time from the United States, an undocumented immigrant assaulted a three-year-old girl in a McDonald’s toilet in Chicago. The incident, which occurred in February in North Point, involved 34-year-old Christopher Puente, who made the girl sit on his lap in the toilet stall as he pulled off her p*nts, and quickly covered her mouth when the girl began to shout “Daddy! Daddy!”

When the father heard the girl’s cries, he immediately reached out from under the stall door and dragged her away from the man before taking her and her brother to their mother. The man has been charged with predat0ry sxual assault after he confessed to his crime, reports the Chicago edition of CBS local.

When the father returned to check on Puente, he had locked himself in the stall, prosecutors said. However, by the time he went to check on his daughter and returned, Puente had fled the scene. He was arrested two days later, and upon prodding, he said his “pnis touched the victim’s vag!na because her vag!na was right there, but it didn’t go in” before confessing that he was high when the incident took place.