A True Alien corpse was discovered in Siberia

UFO As with every alien sighting, the question is: Fake or not?…

Irkutsk, Siberia. In the sky, a strange pink and blue object shooting towards the ground, then nothing. This story could be like so many others, if two Kamensk villagers hadn’t decided to scour the countryside for survivors of what they claim was a UFO crash. And if they hadn’t filmed their strange discovery: a small alien body lying in the snow, It would have been called fake

At the foot of a tree, the images show a body that seems very small. The corpse is emaciated, with shiny skin and a large head with empty sockets, turned on its side. A leg is missing. A strange appearance, which gives the impression of fake. Fake, as we say in the jargon.

An impression confirmed by information from the Russia Today [RT] website.

Bread crumbs and chicken skin

It was the editor of a local newspaper who alerted the police, believing he saw the body of a child in a picture, according to Russia Today citing a Russian site.

The authorities then tracked down the two authors of the video, who eventually confessed.

In reality, the two accomplices reportedly made their alien from scratch, by stuffing bread in chicken skin, and giving the whole thing a form from elsewhere and painting it. An offense punishable by a simple reprimand, according to Russia Today.

According to a source in russia, he is certain the authors are lying and were forced to frame up that confession. He believe the alien corpse is in the keeping of the russian government. He claim the russian government has many capture aliens on which they performe various experiant on their bodies and corpses.

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